C&A Toumazis is certified as Category "A" contractor, for both Building and Civil works demonstrating its capability to undertake the most demanding building and civil works projects, adhering to the highest standards of quality and excellence. From residential buildings to high-rise commercial towers, industrial facilities, multi-storey structures, intricate metalwork, and environmentally challenging constructions.


We specialize in delivering comprehensive oversight and meticulous coordination to guarantee the flawless execution of any construction project. From the commencement of construction to the final delivery, we foster close collaboration with architects, project managers, multi-discipline consultants and clients, ensuring clear objectives are set and adhering diligently to timelines and budgets.

We prioritise communication and collaboration, fostering a transparent and efficient process that minimises risks and maximises the overall success of any project.

We implement rigorous procedures and methodologies to uphold the highest standards of quality, health, safety, and environmental practices.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Our ISO QSHE Certifications highlight our commitment to Quality Management, Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety standards. These certifications not only signify adherence to internationally recognized quality standards but also emphasize our dedication to ensuring the well-being of our workers, society and the environment. Quality, health, safety, environmental and social value considerations are paramount in our construction projects, ensuring lasting structures while safeguarding well-being and minimizing environmental impact. Through stringent standards and robust measures, we achieve successful outcomes and promote sustainability.

At C&A Toumazis, we believe in fostering strong partnerships with our clients' project managment teams throughout the project management lifecycle.

Through proactive organization, we offer timely feedback to both the project management team and the client, ensuring swift mitigation of any issues to uphold project timelines and budgets.

Strong Site Management Teams

Our robust site management teams consistently deliver professional updates to the client's project management team, ensuring alignment with the client's vision. We prioritize transparency and collaboration, actively assisting in the client's decision-making processes to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.